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Internet Lead Management

  • Compile leads from all websites into 1 location

  • Auto-Distribute between your at-work salespeople

  • Receive notifications when leads get assigned

  • Re-Distribute to ensure follow-up activity

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Test Drives Perfected

Scan the back of the Drivers License to speed up data input and reduce errors.
Store a photo of the front and crop out the portrait for quick lookup later

Stay in Touch

Keeping in constant contact with the customer in the first few days is extremely important in closing a sale. That is why we provide every form of communication (with built-in reminders) so you stay on top of your leads

  • Automatically create follow-up tasks

  • Communicate via phone, email or SMS-Text

  • Get notified on new replies

  • Schedule test drives and appointments

Start the Sales Process

Empower your Salespeople to structure a quick quote to give the customer an idea of their monthly payment, all while outside the dealership and on their phone.

  • Scan VIN to get Trade-In info

  • Give the customer an accurate monthly payment quote

  • Upsell the customer with our built-in Menu

  • Pass the quote back and forth with the Sales Manager

  • Download the entire quote into your DMS

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Other Important Uses

Our app is not just a CRM, it can also do other cool things such as..

Upload Photos

Take pictures of your cars and have them show on your website instantly

Manage Photos

Reorder and delete your existing photos for any vehicle.

Employee Chat

Send quick messages to other employees using the app.