Keep track of your Collateral

  • Schedule unlimited curtailment payments

  • Charge interest on your loans

  • Customized Fee schedules

  • Manage dealer credit limits

  • Manage dealer reserves

  • Manage your vehicle's titles

  • Automatically email statements to your dealers

Audit Your Vehicles Using our App

Distribute this app to your field auditors so they can go to each dealership and take pictures of each car as a verification.

The image is tied to the GPS position of the phone when performing the audit, so you know the vehicle exists exactly where they say it does.

Sold vehicles can be marked as such, causing payment to become due. Receive alerts & reports on any vehicle that could not be audited.

Get Online!

Having a website helps your dealers stay on top of their loans. They can log in, check their balance, schedule curtailment payments (ACH) or even a full payoff of each loan. Maintaining a transparent relationship with your dealers ensures there are no surprises down the road.

Auctions companies can even log in and schedule loans that were made at the auction so you can know what is being purchased in near real-time.

  • Allow your dealers to log in and

  • Automatically store anything printed or emailed to a customer

  • Download, edit, email and share any document, any time

  • Integrated with your LOS

Heard enough and ready to optimize your operation?