Accept All Forms of Payments

Never miss an opportunity to collect money!

  • ACH (Checks)
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express

Set Up Recurring Payments

Help your customers make their loan payments ON TIME

Empower your customers to manage their finances on their own. This way they can set it and forget about it! There is no better tool to reduce late fees than setting up recurring payments for your vehicle loan. When a payment comes in to AutoDealer Plus, the system will automatically apply it towards your customer's account. This helps you stay on top of your customers.

Log In From Anywhere

Any internet-connected device can access your site anytime

Your website is optimized for a mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and PCs. This way your customers can easily see exactly what they need, tailored to their screen size.

Three Easy Steps to Online Payments

For customers of your BHPH dealership or finance company

Step 1

Create An Online Account

Your users can create their own online account by answering a few simple questions in order to tie their web-identity to your system account-identity

Step 2

Set Up Payment Accounts

Users can check their current balance, create saved Credit Card and ACH accounts, setup recurring payments, or make on-the-fly payments

Step 3

Make Payments

You then get notified in Autodealer Plus, your Finance/Dealer Management Software, to apply the money towards the customer's balance

This website is the perfect solution for Auto Industry Lenders, Related Financed Companies (RFC's) and BHPH (Buy Here Pay Here) Dealers to collect payments from your customers