Check Out All the Benefits to E-Signing!

  • Less Paperwork

    Most sales contracts and other forms can be completed via e-signature, eliminating the majority of paperwork that would otherwise need to be printed, signed, and securely filed.

  • Reduced Printing Costs

    Less paperwork to print means less money spent on paper and ink, and less wear and tear on your printer.

  • Secure "Paper" Trail

    All electronically signed documents are securely stored in the ASN Document Management system, which means you don’t have to worry about the logistics of maintaining a paper trail.

  • Improved Customer Experience

    These days, customers expect a modern experience and advanced use of technology when purchasing a car. Offering e-contracting is a great way to show your customers that you’re with the times, and can also help reduce their time spent in the F&I office - always a good thing!

So... How Does it Work?
  • First we prepare all your sales documents for the e-signature process

  • Then, during contracting, you compile your documents into E-Signature Packages; it's as easy as printing

  • Customer gets Email to begin signing or...

  • Customer uses tablet to scan your QR Code to begin signing

  • Like most electronic documents, the customer will be able to create a hand-drawn signature, or generate a typed signature, to use for signing

  • Once all documents have been signed by all parties, they are emailed to the customer and also stored in our ASN Document Management Cloud Storage

What About Security?

  • Each link to a Signature Package is uniquely generated to prevent unauthorized access

  • Signers must verify their identity through Multi-Factor Authentication (Email or Text)

  • Our websites are secured with the highest SSL / TLS (https)

  • Once all documents have been Electronically Signed, the resulting Package is DIGITALLY signed

  • Digital Signing of a PDF document seals it from future tampering and verifies that it was the same (unmodified) document that was E-Signed

  • Completed Signature Packages are stored in our ASN Document Management System along with a comprehensive Audit Trail. Access is configured at your dealership

Sounds great! How do I sign up?!
Just log into your ASN DealerZone and subscribe!