Payment Reminder Tools

We feel the best way to keep on top of your customers is to continually remind them of their payments due. This ensures you don't have to take further steps to get the collateral

  • Auto-Texting Payment Reminders

  • Auto-Phone Dialer that plays a recorded message

  • Online website portal for your customers to log into

  • Recurring ACH & CreditCard payments

  • Automatic emailing of monthly statements & receipts

Payment Collection Tools

When all those payment reminders don't work, we have you covered with many tools to collect on your collateral

  • Text2Pay: Authorize payments via text message

  • GPS Devices: Locate the vehicle from our software

  • Manage each customer's Recourse and U.G. payments

  • Credit reporting back to the bureaus (Metro2 format)

  • Automatic collector assignment based on # of days late

Handle Your Consumer Affairs

The entire process is handled right from your software in 3 main stages


Receive inquiries or complaints from your website and keep track of them in your system. This ensures the right people are notified of each issue.


Answer the question or resolve the situation internally first. Any action you take is recorded for later retrieval if necessary.

Reply Back

Once the item has been resolved, communicate back to the user your response in a timely manner. Keeping an open line of communication is key.

Receive Loans Electronically

Utilize our Loan Origination System (LOS) to automatically or manually score and verify information before sending a decision back

Receive aged loans packages in bulk. We can help you only purchase seasoned loans that fit your criteria

Once the loan is accepted and the paperwork is finalized, import only the approved loans into your system to begin collecting.

Keep Track of EVERYTHING

Keep track of your dealer's bond, UCC, city license, and Insurance expirations.

Manage your titles electronically through Premier eTitleLien

Record any situation including repossession, impound, seizure, lien sale, insurance claims and bankruptcy

Manage dealer reserve payouts, schedule them quarterly or all at once.

Is Our Software Right For You?

Any size operation - plus we can customize it to fit your situation!

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AutoFinance Plus® software is perfect for RFCs because of the ability to send loans from the dealership to the RFC with a single click

Finance Companies

The software has everything that a finance company needs including receiving new or seasoned loans & sending decisions electronically

Title Loan Companies

If you are in the title loan business, we can help you as well with lending money to customers who own their vehicles, but need extra cash

Heard enough and ready to optimize your operation?