AutoDealer Plus Laptop

Comprehensive Set of Sales Tools

  • Sales Tax Calculator + Zip Code Lookup

  • Free DMV Fee Retrieval + Electronic Filing via ADR

  • Credit Reports via CoreLogic Credco + 700 Credit

  • Free KBB, Blackbook or J.D. Power integration

  • Laser Sales Contracts via Rey&Rey + WoltersKluwer

  • Free OFAC on every customer

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Integrated F&I Products

Take the guesswork and memorization out of selling your back-end products


We've integrated directly with your favorite service contract vendors to offer the best available plans and up-to-date contracts.



GAP and accessories are also integrated into the system. We offer a variety of choices from the companies shown below.


Software Discount

Each gap or warranty sold to particular vendors can provide a reduction of your monthly AutoDealer Plus® bill in accordance with our Points System.

Our Favorite Products

CRM Included   -  Check out our new App!

  • Schedule Appointments for test drives and other leads

  • Mass Text and Email blasts to keep customers engaged

  • Print Letters to new and existing clients

  • All website leads available for integration

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Real-Time Accounting Integration

  • One of the only DMS softwares with an automated accounting package

  • Write checks, batch deposits, reconcile your bank accounts

  • View balance sheets and income statements right from your software

  • Optional Light Package available w/o accounting included

Contract E-Signing   -  New!

  • Allow your customer to electronically sign your contracts

  • Works with any desktop browser, phone, iPad or tablet

  • Contracts are digitally signed to prevent future alteration

  • No need for paper, scanning or faxing!

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And Much, Much More Including

Everything you need from Accounting to Zip-Codes

Document Management System

Store all of your contracts, PDFs, scans, images, spreadsheets, reports and anything else in the cloud.

Credit Card Processing

Receive BHPH monthly payments or down payments with a swipe of a credit card or check scan.

Recurring E-Payments

Set up recurring payments with your customer's bank accounts to guarantee you are paid on time.

Custom Report Generator

Create your own custom report using virtually ANY field in the system.

Powerful Collection Tools

AutoDealer Plus® has an amazing suite of collection tools. Learn More Here

Customized Flooring Schedules

Track curtailment payments, interest and fees for all of your floored vehicles.